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Birthdate:May 7
Location:Louisiana, United States of America
So it's been my habit for several years to keep all my blogging together in one place, as an exercise in integrating the different parts of my life. It appears, though, that said habit is creating too eclectic a place for most people to plug into easily. It's been difficult to use that journal as a venue for building any community. At this point in my life, I don't know many gluten-free vegetarian Christian anarchist body theologian relationship-radical pornographers.

So with this venue, I hope to explore specifically my politics and theology, which are body-positive and anarchist in nature. I also hope to document some of our DIY experiments here. I expect I'll include book and movie reviews, and links that inspire, enrage or educate me. This will not be a polished finished product, but a reflection of my ongoing dialogue with the world, and my attempts to live my faith. I focus on values that include hospitality, deep reverence for flesh, creativity and ingenuity, consent, consensus-building, community, and honoring the power of the stories we tell.

I am eager to find engagement on these topics I write about, to the tune of related personal stories of yours, resources you know about, good questions you can think of, and other thought-provoking conversation. As I don't tend to think of truth as black and white, I'm rarely (if ever) interested in the kind of debate that seeks a winner, either in the form of a person or idea.

Elsewhere online:
For documentary-style porn & radical relationship musings, try the site my honey and I manage, Pornocracy - Rule of Harlots.
If you are interested in cheap, vegetarian, and/or gluten-free food, you might like Cheap Lazy Picky Cooks.
If your life is still short on random thoughts from strangers, I'm on twitter as blessed_harlot.
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